How to Trailer Feed – with ONE Trailer Tie

Thanks for sending all the e-mails to me regarding feeding a horse from a hay net. The biggest questions (about 50) I’ve received is how to hang a hay net when one doesn’t have two trailer ties on one side of trailer?

I’ve always had ‘extra’ hooks and trailer ties put on a trailer either when ordering or after buying one. You can have just about anything added to a trailer especially if ordering a new one. About the only exception as where to locate because of weight change is water. But that’s another blog……..

If one wants to hang a hay net on trailer and it doesn’t have two trailer ties to ‘sling’ the hay net between, tie the hay net off on the OPPOSITE side of the trailer. Note in the pictures how in one picture the hay net is sitting on the trailer fender. And in another one the empty hay net is hanging BELOW the fender top. This is where a horse can get into trouble and so a hay net should NEVER hang below the top of the trailer fender. A pawing horse could get a hoof into one of the net squares when it’s empty so the hay net should always be hung higher so as it empties and hangs lower than originally tied, the net won’t sag below the top of trailer fender.

The method I use on trailers with just one trailer tie is over-the-trailer roof. First, fill the hay net.

At the bottom of hay net, gather net up and snap a carabiner to the bottom of the hay net. Some hay nets have a ring at bottom. Others just have a knot.





Next gather the top of the hay net together and tie shut. Attach a rope (I use a half inch about 20 foot cotton rope) to the top of the hay net making sure the rope end is tied securely to hay net.





Now, toss the extra rope OVER the top of the trailer. Walk around trailer (or have someone else) pull the hay net up to the top edge of the trailer. Tie the rope end off on that side of trailer using the trailer tie! This way the horse can feed out of the hay net on one side of trailer but the rope is tied off on opposite side of trailer.





Once the net is as high as one wants and to keep the horse from pushing hay net back and forth on trailer side plus empty net from sagging low, snap the carabiner attached to bottom of net to trailer tie. If you want you can even attach the carabiner to trailer tie before walking around trailer to pull it up and tighten rope. This way, you can tell when the hay net is high enough — it just won’t pull any higher!




Just be careful when tossing rope and pulling tight up over trailer roof that you don’t get rope hung up on roof vents. And that all knots are ‘hard’ so they don’t pull loose or out as horse pulls hay out of net.

Remember, try anything ‘new’ at home first. So feed your horse a couple times from the hay net hung on the side of trailer in the home barnyard. The pictures will give you an idea of how to get started……..

Bonnie and Nic

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  1. Shelly says:

    Just thought I would share how my husband and I hang our hay nets- maybe someone will find it helpful:)
    We use the larger slow feed hay nets and this way works great! We tie our horses to the “head” side of the trailer. We have the drop down style windows on our trailer.We drop the windows and poke the hay net outside. It is tied on the inside of the trailer. This not only keeps the net high so they can’t get a foot caught it also protects the trailer from scratches as it rests on the whole window. Have been doing this for years without any problems.

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