Holiday Photo Fun: Twas the Horse Before Christmas, 2012 Edition

It’s time for The Jurga Report‘s annual collection of the symbolism of horses and horse culture in the holiday season. This gallery is compiled of shop windows, lighting displays and horse symbols dressed up for the holidays, from Glasgow, London, Las Vegas, San Francisco…horses are everywhere at Christmas, if you look, although none of these are real. But we know what they represent: horses are a big part of the magic of Christmas, as these talented photographers show us. Enjoy!

© photo Wendy Wooley

Cowboys, cowgirls and their horses ruled Las Vegas this month as the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo took over the Strip. Even the signature MGM lion wore a cowboy hat in the lobby of the Grand. (photo © Wendy Wooley)

Floating Rocking Horse.

A surreal rocking horse floats near the ceiling in this American home. Photo © Caden Crawford.

Bloomingdales windown, New York

Horses show up in New York City every year at Christmas time. These mime-masked dressage riders fill Bloomingdale's window. Think: Marcel Marceau at the Spanish Riding School! Terrific Instagram © by Shelly S.

Bellagio Conservatory

I hope this horse is anchored in place because if he rocks, that gingerbread house is history. The giant rocking horse dominates the holiday display at Bellagio Las Vegas. Photo © Walt Wick.

Joey, star of the stage play War Horse, went caroling in London's crowded Leicester Square on Friday. That horse gets around! (Karl Westworth photo)

Equestrian Santa

Gypsy Mare Studio's Jennifer McNeill-Traylor went between the branches of this Christmas tree to captured the beautifully-lit equestrian ornament.

George Square

The Christmas Carousel in the square in Glasgow, Scotland is a magical place at Christmas time, as this child's wide eyes will attest. He's riding Indie and he's not about to let go fo that pole! Thanks to Daniel V. G. Hughes for his vision of a horse-themed holiday.

Glass Horses

These glass horses gallop through the holiday season in an elegant store window in San Francisco's financial district. They caught the eye of photographer James Mourgos.

Christmas Concert

The conductor was in for a surprise when the Christmas concert at Novi High School outside Detroit came around to "Sleigh Ride". The entire percussion session suddenly appeared wearing horsehead masks and played on, including shaking their bells. The audience loved it and, luckily, Chris Scarlett was there with his camera.

These delicately-sculpted foals are works of art in Oklahoma all year round, but at Christmas, the dark stone and gray background are sparked by the neon-bright wreath collars. The perfect finishing touch! Photo © Patty K.

Thanks to all the photographers who cooperated on this project, and who are continuing to shoot symbolic horses this Christmas, all over the world! A Merry Equestrian Christmas to all!

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