Funny Gelding Tickles a Lot of Fancies

Yesterday, I had the chance to speak on the phone with Jennifer Honigman, the H&R reader who was announced last week as the grand-prize winner in our second annual Your Horse, Your Life online reader contest. Contestants were asked to submit a short description of the funniest thing their horse has ever done. The contest was sponsored by Weaver leather and Miller International.

Jennifer struck me as someone who’s modest, unassuming, practical, and very devoted to her horses.

Jennifer’s entry was about her 29-year-old retired barrel horse, Wyatt.

Here’s what she wrote about her buddy and long-time partner; after the entry was voted into the top five by other readers, it was the top entry chosen by a separate panel of judges.

‘Wyatt makes me laugh on a daily basis by insisting on having his belly rubbed. He acts like a giant dog. He will position himself in front of you and hold his leg out to the side and high in the air and look at you like “Hello i’m waiting”. If you move he will reposition himself and again lift and look at you he will even start twitching his lip in anticipation and begging to be scratched. It does not matter which side your on he will lift his leg accordingly. He has so much personality and I can’t help but laugh when he does this. He sees it as rub now muck later!’

Jennifer and her husband live in Commack, Long Island, with their four horses and four dogs. Look for more about them in the January 2013 issue of H&R.

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3 Responses to “Funny Gelding Tickles a Lot of Fancies”

  1. Lory Fenske says:

    LOL…Sounds alot like my old TB mare, Boo…aka Sun Penny- Jockey Club. She loved to have her butt cheeks scratched and would back up to me to do so. If I moved, so would she, by looking back, locating me, adjusting position and backing straight to me. It was so funny to see how desperately she wanted to be scratched….

    • Barbara Hill says:

      I thought my old gelding was the only one. I can start brushing him anywhere and he always moves around so that it is his back end is facing you. He will raise his tall and back right up to you and start rubbing his butt from side to side like he’s dancing until you brush between his legs under his tail. It’s a hoot!

  2. Jennifer says:

    This has been such an exciting experience. I am still in shock. LOL Wyatt feels like quite the Super Star these days and I am so lucky to have him. Thank you all for everything and for sharing your stories as well.

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