A fun way to spend a summer evening

One of my favorite things about the summer is taking pause after a long day to watch my horses in the field. When the cooler air comes in and the horses head out to graze I love watching them enjoy the evening. Observing your horse in the field can also give you interesting insights into different aspects of your equine friend. Take an evening this summer and spend it with your horse, and share what happens here! Here is a picture of one of the sales horses here at JL Training enjoying a peaceful summer evening with me.

Waiting on SPRING…..

What are you doing with your horse while waiting on the Spring weather? Here in Virginia we have been getting about a once a week warm up and now it is snowing outside! AGAIN! My horses are blankets on, blankets off, blankets on, blankets off! What can we do during this in- between time?
This is a great time to look over your dressage tests, check out the up coming show schedule and sit back with a cup of coffee. Spend some time pulling your horses manes and clipping them up in preparation for the upcoming show season. Spring will be here before you know it, and sometimes doing those detail projects gives you more ride time once the weather warms up! Here is a picture of one of my horses and I waiting to go into the show ring last year, enjoying the mountain views. Share here what you are doing to get ready for Spring!

Here at JL Training what do we do when the winter just will not let go? Wii DANCE!!

Sometimes in life you just have to have fun and this winter has tested most of us Northern folks to the MAX! Here we are in Purcellville, Va with ten inches of snow on the ground! So, what have we done to help stay fit and laughing this winter? Wii dance! Yes, we have been dancing to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, One Direction, and I just can’t believe that I am admitting this on here!! If you are tagged in these pics on my Facebook and would rather stay anonymous, I don’t blame you! But hey let’s dance in the snow one more time and bring the Spring weather!! Cheers to a snowy St. Patrick’s day day my friends!

These boots were made for dancing or MUD?

Having the proper boots for the occasion is something that this winter has taught me well. I am all for wearing the tall proper dressage dress boots all day for riding and teaching, however this winter has given me cause to re-think my footwear. This winter has been sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and mud. I went from my traditional boots to some insulated riding boots, but then they failed and couldn’t handle the wet snow. Time for me to consider tall insulated and WATERPROOF riding boots! It was the waterproof part of these boots that saved me in the snow and they are great for the MUD as well. I was concerned about riding in them but they work well, and also allow room for warm layers. They come in many different brands and are comfortable enough to wear all day with thick socks! What is your favorite footwear for this weather? Please share it here with us!

“The Legacy of Master Nuno Oliveira”

The wonderful book titled ” The Legacy of Master Nuno Oliveira” was written by Stephanie Grant Millham who was one of his students. The book was published by Xenophon press who is a publisher of Classical dressage books.
Stephanie gave a great talk at the Middleburg Library about what it was like to train with such a master. I highly recommend her book for anyone who is looking to learn what it was like to be a student of such a master of dressage. Stephanie has written a clear and wonderful book that you are sure to enjoy! Stephanie is a great lady and I have fond memories of riding with her when I was home for a summer in college. I have looked up to her ever since I saw her ride a beautiful Andalusian stallion at an ODAA show when I was in high school. She rode that horse so well and effortlessly! Since this winter seems to be dragging on, grab this book and enjoy the ride :)