Getting back to work

My student Jeanne Seeley has been busy bringing Batman back into work. He spent a good bit of the winter not being ridden, so we want to build his fitness and stamina back up. Here Jeannie demonstrates using two point at the trot to help the horse develop his top line. Once he becomes stronger he will be able to spend more time cantering with the rider in two point. It is important when bringing your horse back into work to keep the work fun for your horse. Pushing the horse, yet knowing when they have had enough is a balancing act. Share your tips for bringing a horse back into work.

Safety first makes it fun for everyone

Here one of my young students Madeline sports a safety vest while riding her horse Horatio. Proper equipment is a key element for kids to enjoy riding, because they can have fun and be safe. A proper fitting helmet, boots with a heel, half chaps, gloves, along with the vest gives the parents peace of mind that they have done everything they can to ensure a fun experience. Horatio is a very quiet older horse who knows that his job is to take care of his rider, these are the gems for kids, because they can learn safely without being over faced. Long gone are the days when I learned to ride in my jeans, muck boots, and helmet with an elastic chin strap! Sometimes I still wonder why did I even bother pulling that thin elastic chin strap down??? Now with the great helmet technology out there, plus safety apparel, lets take advantage of it! How do you stay safe while having fun riding?


As horse people we all like to cluck at things that are moving too slow for our liking! Sometimes it’s the car in front of us, kids, dogs that are in the way, or whatever might constitute a cluck. I remember watching a famous riders clinic where one of the students clucked to her horse, and he gave her a lecture about NOT EVER CLUCKING! I have been guilty of it, and yes if you are riding a young spirited horse in a warm up ring at a show and someone comes up behind you with their horse and gives a big cluck, it can be challenging! Clucking can become a habit, and also it is two points off in the show ring for any voice command, that includes clucking! What do you cluck at? Share your clucking stories!