Trick or Treat….

HAPPY HALLOWEEN fellow equestrians! I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the end of October. Here in VA we have had the first snow and the horses are feeling the winter begin to creep in. Before that happens lets have some fun with barn costumes.
If you have ever been to JL Trainings barn in Purcellville, VA, you were most likely greeted by Rocky the jack russell terror! He loves to greet everyone, and if he is having a hyper day (which is pretty regular) then you might find him following behind the horses, trying to jump in your arms or car, grabbing a stick or piece of hoof after the farrier leaves etc… As I’m sure that those of you with dogs at the barn will understand his behavior, and maybe even recognize some of these “traits”. So we made him into a spider! HE, HE, HE… The horses do not even seem to notice his costume at all, maybe they are so used to his playful nature that they just figure this much of him, THAT DOG…

What are you and your barn doing this Halloween for fun? Please let us know! Have a safe and happy halloween!


4 Responses to “Trick or Treat….”

  1. Janie Rentz says:

    I think that Rocky is having a proud moment with his costume here in the pic! What a ham!

  2. PJ says:

    Love the purple antennae, Rocky! He loves to dress up doesn’t he?!

  3. Haynet says:

    Great equestrian blog! Why not come over and post this too at Haynet an Equine Social Blogging Network for more to follow!

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