Pucker Up

Couldn’t resist uploading this one video of Pucker Point.  Then I’m going to bed.

This is my LEAST favorite part of the trail and Jenn and I had just passed some other riders so we were trying to put a little lead on them.  Speed is not exaggerated here, check out the drop off on the right side (note my unconscious left rein position).  You can see why they call it “pucker”.

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  1. Kim says:

    How do you manage to pass other riders on that trail? Too high up for me!

    • Jenni Smith says:

      Oh, you don’t pass there – no way. It widens up in other spots. And just before I stopped the camera we were heading back into the forest where there’s plenty of space to pull off safely.

  2. Anita says:

    Reminds me of the trails around Circle Z near Patagonia, AZ. I mostly rode with my eyes closed. Switchbacks on loose rock — I real trusted my horse.

  3. Susan says:

    I think the riders are more afraid than the horses…unless they are blind in the right eye, they know exactly where to put their feet to stay safe!

  4. Margo Nielsen says:


  5. Eckhard Günther says:

    Hi Jenny
    Congratulations to your truly outstanding achievement and marvellous success at the Tevis Cup. Very well done indeed!
    This Jenn finishing in front of you, is she “our” Jenn from Africa? In that case please pass on my congratulations to her as well.
    Talking of Africa. You must have got lots of pics of our safari. Could you maybe send me some or make them available for me on the net (as I haven’t got too many myself – and obviously none with myself on them). That would be great.
    Best regards from Germany to everyone!

    • Jenni Smith says:

      Hi Eckhard!
      I will invite you to my google+ account (are you on gmail?), then you can get all the ‘good’ pictures and most of the videos. There are several on YouTube as I’m sure you discovered.
      Thanks so much for the congrats on Tevis – it was really a blast. But that’s not “our Jen”, it’s completely another Jenn (this one goes with the two ‘n’s :) ). Sadly a very common name in the U.S.
      Nice to hear from you, have you made plans to go back to WAL yet? Wish I could…

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