Hilary Moore: Online scheduling for students

After years of playing around with an Outlook calendar, spiral-bound calendar, emails and text messages, I have finally entered the 21st century with my new online scheduling program. The feature is free and provides a link for my students to schedule future lessons. When it is set, I receive an email confirmation and it shows up as busy for other students who are scheduling lessons. I have to say that as much as it is genius, I am starting to feel not so genius about how long it took me to find this thing and start to use it. I first thought about it when I booked a hair appointment with a similar application. It now has me thinking that my hairdresser might have a few more tricks up his sleeve. Maybe I should go online and schedule another appointment… In the meantime, if you have any tips or tricks for upgrading an equine-related business with clever things like this online scheduling, please share it in a comment below!


3 Responses to “Hilary Moore: Online scheduling for students”

  1. Your information is very helpful
    Thank you
    Would you please forward me the information for the on line
    scheduling. Would it be connected to my web site?

  2. Caro says:

    Which application did you use?

    • Hilary Moore says:

      I just Googled free online scheduling and ended up picking AcuityScheduling.com because it fit my needs.

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